Stay in The Fight

 When the workout gets too hard to complete as prescribed “Stay in the fight.”  20 squats every minute on the minute. You started and today it ain’t happening. .  Your panic brain will freak out and say “stop, you failed”. Don’t stop, adjust and get what you can. 

The problem is “all or nothing” thinking- “I’ll start working out after vacation/when I get a membership/when I get a memebership.  It feels valiant – why half ass things? I’ll do it right! – when really it’s an adult-level excuse. 

I got to a spot  today where I wanted to stop and call it a day. Instead of using rationale to stop or distract myself, I’ve been emailing and writing and cleaning. Things that need to be done but that would interfere with the flow on another day.   Now I’ve got a full day’s work in. The time we lose over “all or nothing” thinking really adds up. Most times it ends with “nothing”.   Text your mom when you can’t call her. Clean the dishes when you can’t clean the car.  It’s not how good you are on your good days, it’s how good you are on your bad days.  

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