25 Mar 2018
22 Mar 2018

Dear world,
We’re not just about rust and steel and hammers and manliness, so we want to show the world our softer side – a Mule highlight reel set to the soothing melodies of easy listening.
19 Mar 2018

New Guy Will

Will is our new employee, and he’s already got the best hair in the shop.

“I’m from a mile-long beach town on the Delaware Bay, where you had to drive a half hour to get milk or bread. I started working at Musikraft four and half years ago, which is a Fender licensed parts manufacturer. About a year ago, I went to the Galloup School of Luthiery, and I think I first heard of Mule on Instagram when I figured out there was a big luthiery niche on there.

I was blown away, and started following. I liked all the posts of the guitars, and I was super inspired by the business stuff Matt would write.

Matt posted something on Instagram about looking to hire a new guy for the Mule Team. I talked to my girlfriend about it, and she said, ‘Why don’t you go for it?’.

I was like, ‘It’s in Michigan. I’d have to move to Michigan.’

And she said, ‘Well I graduate in May, so let’s do it.’

So I wrote Matt an e-mail, and he invited me here to come and see the shop and meet him. We went to Famous Dave’s for lunch, which is just a campy and corny Texas BBQ roadhouse type thing.”

What do you dig about making instruments?

“I’ve been obsessed with guitars since I was twelve. My friend had a guitar he got at the dump – it was a Les Paul but it didn’t have any finish on it and something like 15 knobs. He taught me “Smoke on the Water” on that and I was hooked.”

What does it take to do your job well?

“An intense amount of focus. I think that’s the most difficult thing about it. You have to pay attention and focus for a long time on several different things at the same. There’s always something to look for or watch out for. Everything you’re doing matters for the next step you do, so if you mess up it’s going to show up in the next step, so you just have to always do everything perfectly.”


07 Mar 2018