28 Aug 2017

Resonator Guitar Mule

In retrospect we see wide swaths of change and their eventual outcomes. If we put cynicism aside we can see progress. In the present moment change is much like staring at a painting at nose-length: we don’t see much at all and feel uncomfortable. Solar, uber, airbnb, smartphones, failing banks and car companies that should be left to fail – all these things upset the way things are done. The upsetting of things is the way of things. When it’s your turn to be upset though….The way things are done is the right way because you are the experts and if everyone would just understand better than they too would pump diesel and sand into aquifers to leak out heated homes and hot stoves. And now the segué: the awareness of change or lack there of (or need there of) has a voice and it’s usually musicians. Musicians are people too and subject to their own affinity for the way things have been done. Then ah, streaming. What’s a musician to do when the world does something drastic? For many it’s been ” if they are giving it away for free then I’ll beat them to it!” And the tunes go on all the streams and YouTube, the emails, the whatever. Into the van for another year and a half, kickstarter, 12 song album and “sign up for the newsletter so you know the one show you’ll get to see this year” If “you teach people how to treat you” is truth, than it’s also true here. Friends, this should be a bit uncomfortable. I suggest there is a better way and although I won’t be able to say which way it will be I’ll say it will be uncomfortable at first. Then it will just be The Way. Trying things is the best way to go about it. Here is my suggestion: instead of putting out 12 songs every year and half funded by a hopeful tour and an appeal for cash to those who already want to buy it you do this: I pay $5 a month to subscribe to your website and every month you release a new MP3, accompany that with a quality video of you singing it and tell me a wistful story from the road I don’t get to be on. At the end of the year I just happily paid $60 (quadruple!) for that CD, you appeased my attention span and you built capital and momentum the whole year through. Will it work? Don’t know. Try it. How are things working out now?

25 Aug 2017

Über-review from Über-player 

“Your guitar has quickly come up through the ranks from auxiliary slide guitar in one band to my main rig in every band. Cinderella story. It’s never not the right guitar. ” Joshua Davis

23 Aug 2017
16 Aug 2017

Reinventing the Steel: stainless steel

Reinventing the Steel. Stainless steel. It costs three times what mild steel does. Does it sound three times as good? Nope. But it's worth it. It's better and it's standard. – Matt