15 Jun 2018

Joey Landreth on Mulecaster

How does the yummy fiesta red Mulecaster I posted a couple days ago sound ? Well like @joeylandreth ‘s. Your mileage may vary because hes’s well… ya know. Airy, alive -steel plus flatwounds equal a new sound you can feel. I’ve heard it on a couple recordings and it really occupies its own sonic space- there’s a texture to it that makes you think “wait… what is that?” Doesn’t everyone secretly wish they were a pedal steel player? The Three lever Hipshot is intuitive when played in open D. It lets you get notes and inflection you couldn’t otherwise get while playing slide. It’s not a gimmicky thing and its not hard to get your mind around. #thenewsoundofsteel #k-radchristmasspectacular

13 Jun 2018


The Mulecaster. Made from thin gauge steel. Because it’s so acoustically loud, all the dynamics and touch in your hand makes a more dramatic difference. Mule Tomthumbucker pickups. Hipshot bender for pedal steel-like playing. I’ll be getting more of the benders soon, if you have a tele it’s an easy install. -Matt

08 Jun 2018
06 Jun 2018