23 Sep 2018

Do it for the story

The main reason we like vintage gear is the story connected to it. A ‘54 strat was there at the beginning. The marks are proof of where it’s been since.

Getting an instrument from a maker is another way of becoming part of the story connected to an instrument. My life and work has brought me to this spot, and yours brought you here too. How convenient. It’s a mechanism of connection in a culture where we are trying to reconnect with each other in tangible ways.


21 Sep 2018
20 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018

Winning One More

I coach JV football. We frequently talk about “finding a way to win”. Depending on who they are playing against they need to try different techniques and strategies to win. A particular strategy might win them one more play. A different one might win them another. They will lose some for sure. But six-out-of-ten is success.

Do we hold out for 100% satisfaction? We wait for the big job. The big fix. The high point. We can’t see it happening, it doesn’t work, we wait some more.

Win just one more. What can you do this week in your job that makes you just 10% more content? Is there something in your relationship that can get you another 10%? Maybe a new habit can get you another 10.

I would take 30% more goodness. The way to win big is through small victories.