19 Feb 2016

An Engine

Some will spend $8000 on an instrument only to hang it on a wall or in a glass box to display the craftsmanship – and while craftsmanship is important, it should always be in service to the sound. A beautiful car without an engine is a useless pile of metal…and a huge disappointment.

We want our piles of metal to have an engine. Sound is everything. But every car needs a driver.

The sound of each guitar is “a Mule” but each one has its own personality, and to such a degree that we don’t refer to them by the number, but the name.

It’s always “Dave’s guitar has some great depth on the high end” or “Randy’s guitar rings for days”.

Because in the end, we want our piles of metal to have a person – craftsmanship and sound are meaningless without someone on the other end who understands and appreciates them.

In each pile of metal, an engine and a name.

19 Feb 2016
19 Feb 2016

Old Steel (and Brass)

Applying the patina to our resonator guitars is a creative process and one that is something we’re constantly tweaking, improving, and trying to make more beautiful.

We could chrome plate them, but you wind up with a Christmas ornament.

We could powder coat them, but you end up with a factory shelving unit.

We want something that looks aged, played, loved. Something that is intriguing but not overpowering. Something that adds rather than subtracts, and allows someone to see that this is a “handmade something” that isn’t contrived, artificial, or painful to look at.


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19 Feb 2016

Customer Review

“The Mule just arrived. Damn. I’m looking at it and I can’t believe it’s actually mine. Like, I’m worried that you’re going to call and say there was a mistake and I’m not worthy or something. It’s perfect. More than I could have expected. I can get used to pretty much any fretboard radius which is why i never bothered to ask about that sort of thing but – wow – it’s beyond ideal for me for finger style and slide. This mule is officially a family heirloom.

My expectations couldn’t have been higher and I truly couldn’t be happier. I’m sure I’ll be back for another one of these days; I’ll continue to follow your exploits on Instagram etc. If you ever need a reference or a testimonial or you’re looking for an investor, I’m your guy.

Thank you a million times.”