11 Aug 2017
10 Aug 2017

Truly Made by Hand

Generally speaking if you wanted a resonator guitar you bought it from one place or you bought an import. Three guys in Saginaw, MI give another alternative. An argument can be made what "handmade" actually means. If that's what you're looking for- there are no robots here. We didn't throw handmade next to our name on a new website with a picture from 100 years ago. We carve, hammer, patina, using our mitts. Right now. When you get your guitar your name is on inside label. The guitar is made by Matt, Phil, and Smithers. There's no president/CEO's here. It's a new option, a new sound. Reinventing the steel. #guitar #resonator #dimebagdarrell

10 Aug 2017

The new sound

THE NEW SOUND- Built in inspiration is a new sound. When you hear things you haven't heard in an instrument you go someplace new. It's uncomfortable at first because it's unexpected. You settle in a bit and start fishing around. Out comes new songs. That's what these guitars get you. They aren't only "blues guitars". Most of my customers aren't blues guys, and more than you would think have never even played a resonator. These guitars are a new sonic layer that opens your ears. When you go back to your wood body guitars then you hear them in a new way-to your ear now they are "unexpected". And round and round it goes. Built in inspiration. It's not a tag line it's how you can put tone to work.

09 Aug 2017