24 Jun 2018

The Most Random Guitarmaker Story You Will Ever Heat

The long and short of it: I built a Mulecaster for Jason Momoa and flew to Bamburgh castle in the UK to deliver it where they were filming season 3 of his show Frontier.

As a trade I got to dress up like a red coat and run around the castle and beach firing rifles, carrying torches, causing mayhem. In one scene I find him hiding on the beach and he knifes me in the skull.

He was awesome. Professional and thoughtful, and it was a heck of a fun time.


21 Jun 2018

Charlie Parr on his Mule

Charlie Parr playing “Delia” on his Mule tricone for the Folk Alley Sessions.  Sweet lordy almighty he makes it sing.


19 Jun 2018

Henry Grace

Mule sighting-  Check out the voice on this fella. Henry GRace.  Mule in duet with him. Gav eme goosebumps.  http://henrygracemusic.com


15 Jun 2018

Joey Landreth on Mulecaster

How does the yummy fiesta red Mulecaster I posted a couple days ago sound ? Well like @joeylandreth ‘s. Your mileage may vary because hes’s well… ya know. Airy, alive -steel plus flatwounds equal a new sound you can feel. I’ve heard it on a couple recordings and it really occupies its own sonic space- there’s a texture to it that makes you think “wait… what is that?” Doesn’t everyone secretly wish they were a pedal steel player? The Three lever Hipshot is intuitive when played in open D. It lets you get notes and inflection you couldn’t otherwise get while playing slide. It’s not a gimmicky thing and its not hard to get your mind around. #thenewsoundofsteel #k-radchristmasspectacular