19 Feb 2016
the black keys Steel resonator guitar

A Guitar, The Black Keys, and Grand Theft Auto

Dan Auerbach of @theblackkeys Mule. My first concert was a Black Keys show in Virginia with my friend Smithers. We both worked at Huss and Dalton guitars at the time, and drove up to Washington DC for the show at the 930 club. Ten years ago they were popular, but had not sold out a 900 person venue. We got in and I got a phone call that my van had been stolen. The cop came to the venue lights blazing, and we walked back last the line and directly into the back of a police cruiser. It was kind of fun seeing the looks on their faces. We went to get the vehicle, which was in the middle of the road running. There was a car chase. With a mini van. They knocked the ignition out with a brick so it was still running. We took the van back to the venue, used the flat head screwdriver the thieves left behind to turn it off. Went in and got our faces melted. Now Dan owns a Mule and Smithers works here at Mule. Beautiful circle.

19 Feb 2016

Fresh Ink

Mule tattoo #2. First one belongs to Dave Hick, this second one belongs to @vietnambarrie (check him out on Instagram).

To have someone who doesn’t even own one of your guitars tattoo one of your guitars onto their person – tattoos are, like, forever – is one of the craziest/most awesome things ever.

19 Feb 2016

This is Dave

This is Dave. He owns three (3) of our resonators, has a tattoo of our headstock inlay on his hand, and and plays some monstrous blues.

He’s on a mission to record all of Charley Patton’s songs. There’s 59 of them, he’s got 46 to go.

Visit his page on YouTube to check out more of his videos, friend him on Facebook and cheer him on.


19 Feb 2016