23 Oct 2018

Woodstock Guitar Show

I’ll be at Woodstock this weekend. With me will be three steels, a trI cone, single and a cutaway.


16 Oct 2018

Oliver Bates Craven

“When It Was”

I’m sitting at my table in my house listening to Oliver sing and thinking about how beautiful and hard our relationships with the people we love can be. You know that of course. Love and hurt are two sides of the same coin. “there’s nothing that’s wrong with us that can’t be fixed by what’s right with us.” Don’t over think things – the skills you need aren’t in a book, or a class. Be gentle, he’s on your team. Hold her hand more, tell him he’s a good man more, do more good things -together.

15 Oct 2018
13 Oct 2018

Simplify 2.0

Real simplification isn’t cutting down on your wardrobe. Wearing a turtle neck everyday isn’t going to turn you into Mark or Steve. Think bigger. The purpose of simplifying is really consolidation of resources. We each only have so much to use. We don’t act like it of course -we chase every valid idea, emotion, and decision. It’s not so much a sin of greed as it is omission, we just aren’t paying enough attention to the piggy bank we are drawing from. We over spend our resources, make more mistakes, become more unsatisfied because making mistakes and feeling spent blows. Putting effort into developing principles to refer back to would keep us on track.

Real change always takes more work over more time than we think. Many times the most benefit comes from the most uncomfortable changes. That feeling can be, to a certain degree, used as a radar for where we should be focusing our efforts. The potential for the most simplification will always be where there is currently the most complexity. And it’s not in your dresser drawer.