21 Nov 2016
18 Nov 2016
17 Nov 2016



Something I love about building these resonators and Mulecasters is the coming up with new ideas.  Four years ago I didn’t know how to cut metal.  Now we are finishing up our 225th guitar.  225! I never could have imagined that out of a complete gap of knowledge we would be build these new breeds of guitar.  A lot of creation has taken place- once you know what you want to build then you have to figure out how. Along with the jigs and tools, the techniques. And as you go you come up with more ideas. The ball starts rolling. Momentum.

Our momentum turned into our own brand of tuners. Then into the Mulecasters. Then the pickups.  Now a MiniMule model. We are all set up to start learning how to spin our own tricones.  I’m working on a tele bridge design.  Then the $500 guitar project.  It’s a lot.

Sometimes I think we all try to innovate ourselves out of a job, when really what we want to do is make new cool stuff.   That’s where I’m at at the moment.  I see a lot of value in maintenance though- once the ball is rolling, keep it rolling. Not faster.  That’s where I’m getting.  Have these projects complete, and then keep doing them better.



08 Nov 2016