12 Feb 2016
12 Feb 2016

Cell-e-phone Conference

Me talking to Mark and Anna from Room 608 in NewYork City. In what they call a “conference room”. They have 7 Emmy awards and 18 Emmy nominations between them and they are making an episode for a maker series for PBS. It will be “Steel” and they are coming to document the story here at Mule. Pretty fun.

And I got to use the office chairs.

12 Feb 2016


I use the B grade ebony that the large manufacturers don’t use because it isn’t jet black.

I can see why. I mean, look how boring that is.

Please, Guitar Builders of the World, continue using the great looking jet black ebony so that I am stuck with piles and piles of this beautiful, interesting, “it actually looks like wood” wood.

12 Feb 2016

Resonator Fiddle Edge Dobro Ramp Mayhem

Making stuff to make stuff. A brass fiddle edged tricone, complete with fingerboard ramp, modeled after Dan Auerbach’s 1935 Dobro, that I had the privilege to possess temporarily. SWEET GOODNESS I’M PUMPED.