13 Jun 2013

Mule Custom Resonator #19 headed to Sweden

What we have here is Mule #19. Almost 20, but not quite. Better than some meaningless number, this is going to a good friend of mine, one of the best in fact, Elias Rådelius. He traveled here from Sweden during highschool solely because he heard I was starting a hard rock band and it was called Burning Death Machine Symphony Orchestra. Only half of that statement is true and I’ll let you decide which half. I heard Elias played drums so I asked him, ‘Can you play hard rock?’ and he said, ‘No, I play punk.’ and I said, ‘Great’. Fast forward through a lot of noise, conversations which sole point is to be ridiculous, a few thousand miles and we have this and three other guitars along with myself heading to Sweden next Tuesday. Yes that’s right, because of his mad translation ability I sold four guitars in Sweden and am going there to hand deliver them because that’s how I roll. I have been through airport scanners with these before and have not been pulled aside to be searched. If that doesn’t say something about our national security then all those fellas listening to my phone calls and watching my facebook better reexamine how they spend their time.

Resonator GuitarMule Custom Resonator GuitarMule Custom Resonator Guitar

13 Jun 2013
24 Apr 2013
23 Jan 2013

Handmade Mule Resophonic Guitar built for Kelly Joe Phelps.

All photos by Miles Nitz. miles.nitz@yahoo.com

back All photos by Miles Nitz. miles.nitz@yahoo.com

Custom Mule Resophonic Guitar built for Kelly Joe Phelps. Brazilian Cherry fingerboard. Unstained, compensated biscuit bridge.

Hey Matt,

The guitar made it here alright, no problems at all. In fact it was pretty close to being in tune as well. And, shoo-boy, what a stunner!! Such a beautiful thing, Matt! Just wonderful, between the wood choices and the way you’ve finished them, and the great metal-work work. Eeeh yow, I love it, I love it. The shape and size of the neck is awesome, too. My National has a wider fingerboard, but I really like the slimmer profile of the Mule, and particularly the shape of the back of the neck. Now I kinda wish I had a steel-string guitar with that same neck on it. So comfortable in my hands. Yeah; a steel string with the Mule’s neck and a 12 fret joint. That’d be a good feeling guitar.

Fortunately I’ve been able to play this evening for a little bit without sounding like a beginner, so I’ve been able to dig inside the Mule a bit, find out what her singing voice is like. I’ll give it a little more here and there, over the next few days when my hand seems ready and willing, and I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you again for your kindness, Matt. Sincerely, thank you. I’ll try to give you a call sometime over the week.

Peace and blessings,

Kelly Joe