10 Mar 2016

Spinning lathe acquired

Adventure. After three years of looking for a spinning lathe, an instagram acquaintance, Brian Alfonsi, found a sweet score. A spinning factory is going out of business and unloading their machinery. He’s going down to pick one up for himself, so why not pick up two? I’ll be gearing up and making a lot of scrap in the months to come while I learn to spin my own resonator cones. A spinning lathe is a bit different than your normal lathe with heavier duty bearings to take the axial load put on the machine.

There’s quite a bit of voodoo involved with spinning cones. If you see the extravagant things that real metal spinners spin, there would be no more voodoo. It’s just like anything. I’ll document the process with videos and such, so that anyone with enough wherewithal will get a good start.

On paper, it makes sense that a guy making resonator guitars would also make resonator cones, but we’ll see.


09 Mar 2016
09 Mar 2016
24 Feb 2016