19 Feb 2016

This is Dave

This is Dave. He owns three (3) of our resonators, has a tattoo of our headstock inlay on his hand, and and plays some monstrous blues.

He’s on a mission to record all of Charley Patton’s songs. There’s 59 of them, he’s got 46 to go.

Visit his page on YouTube to check out more of his videos, friend him on Facebook and cheer him on.


19 Feb 2016
19 Feb 2016

Heavy Metal Resonator

A heavy picture, literally and metaphorically. Mule #1, a resonato rguitar put together by someone who didn’t know how to cut a piece of steel, didn’t own a resonator, put together in a closet about 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. Left in pieces because I had to use the parts to make #2. #100 a brass fiddle edge resonator, something that hadn’t been done since the thirties, modeled after a Dobro Dan Auerbach sent me. The last guitar built in the basement shop. And a bevy of Mules for customers built by myself Adam Smith and Phil Eich.

16 Feb 2016