“Success is the balance between two ideas,” a piece of advice given to me by a guitar making mentor. Do I try a new tool or process hoping it will work, or use that time to produce work I have to do? In professional guitar making success is in the balance of those two things.  

I’ve never been good at balancing. I’ve always wanted one thing at a time as hard as I could, or all the things as hard as I could. Intensity. I thought if I did that enough I would learn how to balance eventually.   I’m learning now what ‘balancing’ really means.  It’s not really a state you get to after you put in enough work, or figure out enough life stuff, or burn out out, or fail enough.  Balance is constant adjustment. 

Work or rest. Unconditional love, feeling loved.  Speak up or listen. More or less. It is not “but”, it is “and”. The tight rope walker is constantly adjusting to keep balance. He leans one way so his arms move the opposite to counterbalance.  It’s just The Way, no one just walks. Balance is constant, persistant, awareness and adjustment.  

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