Build a bigger pool

One of the benefits of building resonators from the “make a living” sense is that the pool of competition is much smaller. The group of builders in the world doing metal bodied resonators is small indeed, I can count them on one hand. The disadvantage that goes along with it of course is that the pool of prospective buyers is much smaller. Most guitar players know what a resonator is but haven’t even seen one in person. The warning I received, from credible and non credible sources, in the beginning said that I may soon outgrow the demand. With the wait list hanging around at 100 guitars that does not seem to be the case. We have talked about that and I believe that part of the reason is that we are building a bigger pool. I get frequent emails that “this will be my first resonator guitar”. That’s exciting-the whole idea of Mule was to expand the tonal range of the resonator so that players beyond its traditional use saw its inspirational value. When the players are as varied as Charley Hicks, Joey Landreth, Jeffrey Foucault, Tom Van Der Kuil (Adele), and Dan Auerbach , you can see why people are giving resonators a second glance. If you are a maker you can find your market and be subject to it, or you can do things that grow the market itself. Find things that might do that-fail at some and succeed at others and you’ll find valuable work.

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