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23 Apr 2018

Matt on Netflix

So last month my girlfriend Jenni and I flew to the U.K. what got us there is probably the most random guitar maker story ever.

Jason Momoa – Aquaman, Khal Drogo, Declan Harp – has a show on Netflix called Frontier which is an 1800’s drama based on the fur trade in the Canadian Territories. It’s awesome.  He’s always throwing knives and tomahawks at his enemies. We here at Mule made a video (below) of us showcasing our tomahawk throwing skills ( or inability). 

Jason also loves resonators. He saw the video and we got talking.  I said “stories are better than money” and he said “get over here and I’ll kill you on camera. Find a place near Bamburgh castle”

Once I found out what country Bamburgh was in, off we went.  I ended up dressed as a red coat running around outside an awesome castle in the dark and cold and rain, firing muskets off castles walls and running around with torches. Every young boy’s dream come true.  There’s a scene where me and two of my red coat buddies are searching for Jason’s character and I end up getting a knife to the head. I’m going to be a GIF. Season three comes out end of this year. You should watch the first two and catch up.  Jason was totally awesome and it was a total high point so far. 

I re read all that and it’s hard to believe that happened and I was there. Thanks for following along. 



20 Apr 2018

Jeffery Foucault’s New Album


“It’s not about the guitar,” resonators are our community softball league- where we meet other like minded souls and attempt to get a long just a bit better. If you think about it music is the same. Musicians put their songs together and we like them and then end up liking each other and that feeling is more valuable than ever. @jeffreyfoucault has a new one coming out and you could follow the link in my profile and contribute money towards that feeling. You’ll want to hear what he has to say. If you’re new to Jeff, know that I’ve listened to his album “Horse Latitudes” all the way through more times than I’ve listened to other records combined. I watch his YouTube videos on his Mules almost daily. I saw him for the first time 10 years ago in Chicago at Schuba’s. I went there by myself and told the man wearing a striped sport coat smoking a cigarette outside to “have a good show” and he smiled and nodded. I’ve built him two guitars now and we talk about things other than guitars mostly. And now I’m here telling you to pay him for his valuable work. You can have a story too but you’ve got to show up.


18 Apr 2018


Most creative Mule resonator review ever in the world.



16 Apr 2018

Mules in Snow

It snowed this weekend pretty hard in Michigan. Ice, mainly, for a solid two days. Ridiculous even for here for it afforded my some last chance winter shots.

This guitar is going to The Music Emporium this week.