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15 Dec 2018

Fretboard Journal

I did an interview with Fretboard Journal last year.   Lots of great guitars have graced their pages but rarely resonator guitars.  Check out the interview here: https://www.fretboardjournal.com/columns/bench-press-matt-eich-mule-resophonic-guitars/



14 Dec 2018

Mule Calendars


It’s 2019 y’all.  Mule Calendars for $10 at mulestuff.com.



13 Dec 2018

Why “Mule”?

My first real guitar making gig was at Huss and Dalton Guitars in Staunton, VA.  A fine group of people set in the paradise of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I was 20 and the world was big and conquerable and Mark and Jeff gave me an opportunity I’ll forever be grateful for.   With that opportunity came a large desire to buy a junky 1990 Ford Bronco with 35″ tires.  It was awesome. Until the the engine needed to be replaced.   Mark Dalton offered to help me swap the engine.   We took the Bronco down to Motley, VA and did the work. In return I bailed hay with him.  On his farm he uses his mule team to do the work.  I got to hear about the culture behind using mules and the advantages they possess- Intelligence and work capacity. 


It seems to fit these resonator guitars.  Hand made and gritty. Working. Class. 



12 Dec 2018

Mule Hats

The beanies are sold out for now but you can get these at mulestuff.com.