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26 May 2017

Joey Landreth at Mule

It’s hard to put words to the feeling of seeing someone hear the sound of these guitars and go to that place of inspiration, and then play so masterfully. I’m not going to try, but suffice it to say Joey taking the time to come to Mule HQ and do what he does… it was spectacular, and a high point of my career.



17 May 2017

Dallas Guitar Show

A couple weeks ago I attended the mighty fine Dallas Guitar Festival.  First time in Dallas and it wasn’t as hot as people make you believe. Friends were made, guitars bought, and gifts of whiskey offered.

I always accept whiskey gifts.



Dallas2 Dallas Guitar Show Festival Dallas3 Dallas Guitar Show Festival

13 May 2017

Close up shot of patina and fingerboard.




12 May 2017

Steel Resonator Guitar

A guitar we just finished up.  Tasty looking fingerboard.