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04 Jun 2018

Acoustic Guitar Article

When I was 20 I first saw Huss and Dalton in Acoustic Guitar, and I went to work for them. EE Bradman gave me the opportunity to be interviewed and did a fine job asking questions. We talk background, tricones, and how guitar makers can sometimes get in the way of customer enjoyment. http://acousticguitar.com/makers-shakers-matt-eich-mule-resophonic-guitars/

31 May 2018

Fretboard Journal/Acoustic Guitar Magazine

The kind folks at Fretboard Journal posted an article about Mule Resophonic Guitars a while back, featuring an interview with moi. You can check it out here – https://www.fretboardjournal.com/columns/bench-press-matt-eich-mule-resophonic-guitars/

Also keep your eyes peeled for the interview with me in July’s Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s “Mover and Shakers” section. 



25 May 2018

Mule pick ups

Why a Mule Tomthumbucker for a pickup? Why not a piezo/magic ribbon/unicorn horn? A magnetic pickup will get you the most volume before feedback, important when the context is a cavernous steel chamber of awesome. It’s also a full electric pickup mounted inside the guitar, not something that’s super thin that’s taped on the top. Because it’s mounted inside the guitar it’s also picking up all the tone goodness inside the guitar. It’s a sound you can’t get otherwise and that’s inspirational tone. – Matt

24 May 2018

Resonator guitar set up

Sometimes I like to call these “resos for acoustic guitar players” The nut width is the standard 1 3/4”, not the typical wider 1.825 found on most resonators. You probably won’t play this guitar every song in your set, so keeping the nut width closer to what the other guitars are will make the switch more comfortable. The action is typically set to a standard 3/32 on the low end, and 5/64 on the high. It’s not “slide action”- the horror story of guitars with bad neck sets everywhere. Don’t “set your guitar up for slide” unless you are so far down that rabbit hole you know exactly what you need. Set it up for a normal action and lighten up on your slide finger when necessary. You will use it more and you will find more songs in your guitar. -Matt