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07 Sep 2017

New Guitar

I stupidly sold the 60’s harmony H74 I had so I’m going to recreate it in both steel and wood. Flat top at first and then arch top for the wood version. It’s so fun to plan out new guitars. The wheels start turning and away you go.

06 Sep 2017


The Mulecaster started because I wanted an excuse to buy and learn how to use a TiG welder. After guys like Seth Lee Jones, Jeffrey Foucault, and Joshua Davis got theirs and conveyed that there was something special going on inside these semi hollow steel beauties I started giving more time to them. I’m excited to see where they go. -Matt

31 Aug 2017
29 Aug 2017

Guitar for sale

“Dirty Work” by Steely Dan is one of the greatest songs written. Am I right? This guitar is also for sale. A warm and wooly single cone. If you’re looking for bite this is not your dog but if you want to cuddle up with resonator with some curves the thickness of this single cone cutaway is the companion for you. . $3,000. DM me with your questions and PayPal your money to me via muleresonators@gmail.com