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03 Aug 2017

Torrefied maple and titanium

The qualities of a good neck – a shape that everyone likes – not just a C, not just a V, not "thick" not "thin". After handcarving around 1,000 necks Mule customers are telling me I'm on the right track.

You also want a guitar neck to be stable. Stability means it doesn't move around in changes in humidity. This is typically done by kiln drying the wood and then, preferably, letting it sit around for a few years.

Torrefaction is a process where wood is dried in a special vacuum kiln. This is able to draw out more moisture, but also resin in the wood. The wood becomes more like cells found in old wood. It's über stable- it doesn't change with humidity.

Titanium is magic. It's super strong, crazy light, and rings. Oh lawdy does it ring. In a guitar neck these increase the strength – resistance to string tension over time- and also vibrate like the dickens.

We now offer this as an option for Mules.

Torrefied/Ti quartersawn $100
Torrefied/Ti flame or Birdseye – $200

02 Aug 2017

Tuner hole jig

Out of 300 guitars I had never mis drilled the tuner holes. Until last month when I whiffed on two. This will fix that. Fellow guitar makers- learn basic CAD and how to weld, MIG is perfect although you'll see me TIG the Mulecasters, and it will change your jig game.

01 Aug 2017

Customer Review

Judging by this customer review I would say he's happy.

26 Jul 2017