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11 Oct 2018

Oliver Bates Craven at Mule HQ

The Mini-Mule Sessions continue with stud muffin @oliverbatescraven This fella is one of my faves. We became friends while riding 600 miles pulling instruments on trailers with the @thesteelwheels . Oliver has got all the things- the songs, the voice, the chops, the restraint and the sass. We’ve got videos and you guys are in for something special. If you’re looking for his tunes in the meantime check out The Stray Birds. #thenewsoundofsteel


09 Oct 2018

Don’t be clever be strong

I wear a shirt with these words when football coaching season rolls back around. Sometimes new players trick themselves into trying “an easier way” – something that seems more clever. It doesn’t work. For those of us who “know better”: is your adult-sized vocabulary getting in the way of doing the strength-based stuff – for you, your business, and those you have a responsibility towards? It’s always the most valuable.


03 Oct 2018

Seth lee Jones and Joey Landreth at Mule

Some days you work and some days your good buddies Joey Landreth and Seth Lee Jones stop by at the SAME TIME. We drank so much coffee and ate too much sushi. Thanks guys for your friendship, as people and players you men are inspiring. Videos to come. #thenewsoundofsteel ps and I got a new guitar! Seth made the tele pictured and it is the business.


01 Oct 2018