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14 Jan 2019
12 Jan 2019

Mule Soundwell: Charlie Parr


Is Charlie Parr an American treasure?  When he emailed me about getting a Mule I had even non-customers email me and say things like “He’s the best guy I’ve ever met” and more than one attached the title of American treasure as his suffix.  He has the ability to grab whoever is listening and make them say, “I love this”


Charlie Parr, American Treasure



11 Jan 2019


Making things for people is the best thing of all the things. #thenewsoundofsteel

10 Jan 2019

Joey Landreth on Mulecaster/bender sale

Click to watch Joey Landreth play his steel Mulecaster and explain the Hipshot Bender.  I’ll have 10 of them for sale on mulestuff.com tonight at 9 pm est.