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28 Sep 2018

Sean Rowe at Mule HQ – I Will Follow Your Trail

So… this was amazing.  Sean stopped by Mule with that otherworldly voice of his and provided one of those moments we talk about for weeks.   I’ll admit… I was a bit starstruck.  Sean’s songs have been the soundtrack to a great many work days, glasses of whiskey, and reading through his lyrics have provided new perspectives.   He came to know Mule by way of Jeffrey Foucault, and he also got one of his own.  And then there he was, unloading his gear in our parking lot.  When he was warming up and started singing -it’s hard to explain.   It’s an instant.  Making something that makes music and to hear music being made with it is an incredibly unique experience.  All of the stories, the work, the effort, the learning, the trying of two people in their calling joining forces .  It’s the furthest most point in their efforts, the “now”.  Whether it’s Sean, Adele, Joey, Charlie, or Jeffrey (etc) there’s a switch that happens in that initial instant. “THIS is why we do this.” And then you sit back in that intense experience and understand. I’ll be starstuck every time.  


26 Sep 2018

Hipshot Benders

I have some Hipshot benders for sale. But them on Mulestuff.com Pedal-steel like, but more intuitive for open-tuning acquainted guitar players. The three levers bend the strings allowing changes and sounds otherwise not available on a guitar. We bend the levers here and put padding under the set screws to prevent clicking. It’s a pretty easy install- but ideally the bridge is slotted to allow the theee strings to pass through to the tailpiece and a string retainer is screwed into the body for the strings to pass under. There are plastic tubes that come with it, but they can wear out with lots of bending. #thenewsoundofsteel

26 Sep 2018

Sean Rowe at Mule HQ

Sean Rowe stopped by Mule HQ and shared his magical songs with that other worldly voice. It was amazing. Videos to come.


24 Sep 2018