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13 Jul 2017


I’m looking for a youthful enthusiast who has graduated from a lutherie school who is looking to take the next step in their journey. I want to help you do that. E-mail me at muleresonators@gmail.com and convince me.



12 Jul 2017


Sometimes I speak words about making resonator guitars, and the latest ones can be found here: http://blog.proven.com/making-resonator-guitars

Lots of talk of what it means to be a guitar maker, thoughts behind these instruments, and fun. Best podcast so far.


11 Jul 2017

Full Service Station

I was driving through middle of nowhere West Virginia last year and stopped at a gas station and they actually came out and pumped the gas.  You pull up, there they are. They pump you pay and off you go.

Recently I bought a $600 orbital sander off a recommendation. It’s worth the money for the amount I use it. But Mirka touted it’s dust collection abilities… and it came with no dust collection adapters or attachments.  You don’t find that out until you open the box.

I bought a really nice tungsten lamp fixture and softbox for the guitar photos from B & H.  You need a $60 adapter to attach the two, but it doesn’t come with. You don’t find that out until you open the box.

I was in Vancouver and I went to a bike store to rent a bicycle. The type of bike I ride and they rented requires use of shoes that clip into the pedals. I brought my own shoes. The guy at the counter saw I was holding shoes and he said, “Ah I suppose you want to rent a bicycle” Why yes. That is what they do.  He asked me if I brought pedals, “Well no, bikes usually have pedals.” It took him 20 minutes to find pedals, he didn’t think he had any. He asked if I brought water bottles and a helmet. Was I supposed to also bring the wheels?

What kind of deception do you unknowingly engage in? I used to have shipping be separate than the guitar cost. Why? Because that’s how I had seen everything I purchased. I just parroted it because I hadn’t thought it through. The customer didn’t find shipping was more until the guitar was done. Now it’s already in the price. There’s no surprises. I don’t say ‘FREE SHIPPING” like I’m giving THEM money (we all know things cost money and are cool with it) I just say “shipping included”.

YOU are the expert. What you provide is a service – whether you are self employed or an employee.  The customer, (your boss), someone trading money with you shouldn’t have to figure everything out for you.  Why are you making them do your job for you? I see it more and more. Service. That’s your job.


10 Jul 2017