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19 Feb 2016
19 Feb 2016

Customer Review

“And now for one of my “specialists”… I had a Mule a little while back, and when I took a hankering to vintage flat tops, I begrudgedly sold it to help finance a vintage purchase. In close to 25-years of playing, and 40 guitars bought & sold, it’s been the only guitar I have ever regretted selling. I even tried to buy it back a few times, but to no avail…it’s new owner wasn’t parting with it. So, what is left to do, but to have Matt Eich build me another one of his magnificent Mules! This one a brass tricone, with slotted headstock and cream buttoned tuners.

To say I’m blown away by this guitar would be an understatement. From a sheer artistic and visual standpoint, it is off-the-charts cool. But then the tone…oh lordy, the tone. The brass brings a warmth that is just fabulous in concert with the complexity, balance, and sweetness of the tricones; yet, it can definitely growl when you dig in. Thanks Matt for this guitar! This one is never going anywhere…it has a forever home. If you’re a resonator lover and haven’t tried a Mule, shame on you…Lol! Seriously though, you’re really doing yourself a disservice. They are very special & very unique, and I’m so glad to be riding the Mule Train once again!”



19 Feb 2016

Mark Lavengood and His Mule Resonator Guitar

Mark Lavengood of Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys stopped by the shop this week and brought his Mule square neck with him.

It’s always great to have people come to the shop and be able to hear how they play their guitars. Typically people will think of steel resonators as Blues machines, which they’re great for, but we’ve been surprised by the amount of players outside the Blues genre picking up a Mule and doing some really cool things with their music.

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19 Feb 2016

Jeffrey Foucault’s Mule Resonator

This is the resonator guitar we made for Jeffrey Foucault. I’ve been listening to his songs with admiration for last seven years or so, and now he’s going to be playing them (writing them?) on this instrument. Pretty cool.


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