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08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016
06 Dec 2016

Everything Costs Something

Everything has a cost, right? Choosing one project means you are not doing another. Choosing to spend your time in one place means you’re not spending it somewhere else.  If you aren’t aware of the alternatives – the cost-  you’re pretending you can spend your time on whatever shiny thing you want to chase after in the moment.

Two questions shall help on this quest of yours:  What’s the end goal?  What’s the thing I could be doing instead of this?


30 Nov 2016

Maker Owner Spender Spy: Forced Dissonance



Yes! I totally made up that phrase. Thesaurus in hand.  Aren’t ALL words made up? It took forever, go easy on me.

The point is this: if you’re trying to solve a problem – not enough orders, not enough time, etc – there is almost always more than one reason you’re having that problem.

I like cycling and when the hardcore guys are trying to shave weight off their bike they do it a gram from this part and a gram that part. You have to.  All those parts have to be there, so even though you think the handlebars are the issue you have to look at the bike as a whole.  The grams are there to be shaved but if you are just looking at the handlebars you wont fix the problem.

So when you realize you’re having an issue and something pops into your head as the culprit, force dissonance.  Find all the unrelated factors and see how they clash.  Maybe you think you aren’t getting enough orders because your price is too low/too high.  Most likely its a small part of a bigger picture. Find the bigger picture and then start shaving grams.