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03 Oct 2016
28 Sep 2016
19 Sep 2016

The Other Side of The Coin

Every idea has another side of the coin.   Do you know any ‘coin flippers’?

“Let’s take the dog for a walk. ”

“We can’t , my mom might call.”

“Let’s try this new product, it might reach more people than we have now.”

“But it could bomb.”

“Let’s start working out more. ”

“But we might be taking time away from more important things. ”

To every idea ever proposed in the history of the world there is another side of the coin.  The fact that there is one doesn’t automatically negate the original idea.  Sometimes the coin flip reaction is illogical, sometimes it contains guidance- helps establish a line that could be crossed, or a test of effectiveness, and sometimes it’s just fear of failure.

When this happens, ask why. Try the ‘why five times’ thing. Ask questions.   Now that I notice ‘the coin flip’ it irritates the heck out of me.  I’ve thought about whatever idea it is for days, planned it out and in five seconds someone says “well you might…” etc.  The emotional reaction isn’t effective.  Ask people questions to justify their position.  It will help you clarify your own and just maybe help people see that their gut reaction is based on something other than the facts of the matter.

Seth Godin has a phrase that goes something like, “My job is to attempt things that might fail.”  If the other side of the coin is failure, you’re on the right track.


14 Sep 2016