Dont Believe Yourself

Mistaking affinity as knowledge. Rationalizing instead of testing. Reacting instead of contemplating. Thinking instead of trying. Comfort is not confirmation. Inclination is not experience. Habit is not practice. Inaction doesnt mean completed. Assumption is not wisdom.

Sports are a great mechanism to learn team work and compeition. Music teaches practice and creativity. Making guitars teaches you in a way to distance yourself. You do things a certain way, you have ideas/assumptions come to mind, you make mistakes, and you do a damn fine job. If you don’t view all those things with a healthy amount of skepticism you can get in the way of the experience. You can both “go on what you know” and also give your ideas, successes, and failures, a sideways glance knowing that maybe, probably, you’ll find a better way to go about things in the future. Life stuff. #lessonsinlutherie

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