Joey Landreth’s Mulecaster

Ain’t she Purdy? I delivered it to him right before Christmas at Konrad Sauer’s place over in Kitchener, ON. Lots of friends and a good story- the best part of this work.

The bodies on these are steel too. The hollow steel body gives them a very different sound than a typical telecaster, as you might expect. The fullness of the hollow body and the metallic presence of the steel combine into something special. When I hear guys play them on stage and swap guitars, the difference is really noticeable. Better? There’s no such thing. But different is useful and I’m happy my instruments have found a place there.

Here’s some clips from our gathering:

5 thoughts on “Joey Landreth’s Mulecaster”

  1. Was playing my Mulecaster this morning – I really like it! Mine looks just like Joey’s except no Hipshot – kinda wish I would have gotten the Hipshot bender after seeing it in action!

  2. Matt,

    I’m a ham-handed DADGAD player, love to hear a sample of the tuning on a MULE. (Apologies if you posted such stuff already.)


    Bill Bailey
    Freeland, Mich

  3. I remember watching these when they were first posted – so cool to hear how uniquely inspired Joey was by this new instrument!!

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