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My name is Matt Eich and I,  along with my brother Phil and Adam Smith, build handmade steel and brass bodied single cone and tricone resonator guitars.  After witnessing Kelly Joe Phelps play his resonator at a  show here in Michigan I left wondering if I could use my guitar making skills I learned at Huss and Dalton Guitars to make metal bodied resonators.  They are just so much guitar: volume, range of tone, look- and potential. I wanted to do them differently.  I wanted them to sound more guitar like, meaning more warmth and low end. I also wanted them to look the materials they were made from- the raw steel and brass, with a patina I've developed over the years.  I'm so excited to be able to offer them to players. Options like a P90 pickup, a tricone in a single cone body like the very first National guitars... I'm having the time of my life building these instruments and hearing what players like Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, Kelly Joe, Charlie Parr, Jeffrey Foucault, Jason Dennie, Jay Lapp and so many more players I've had the pleasure to get to know during the building process.   When you send an e-mail, you get me. My brother Phil will send build pictures as your guitar goes through the work.  That's part of the experience and story. I'm happy you're here and if you have any questions please e-mail me at muleresonators@gmail.com

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12 Apr 2017

Grade School Tour


Today a group of grade schoolers came to the shop.  When you ask, “who wants to use the spokeshave?” and five hands go up you have a good group.  I was a bit nervous I would let them down, but they asked insightful questions and got me back on track.  Thanks guys.

Understanding that not all would be guitar makers there were two things I wanted to share with them.

  1. If you like bikes you can build them, if you like cars you can fix them. Sometimes you have to teach yourself, and sometimes you have to find someone to teach you how. But it can be done.
  2. Making mistakes is the process.  If you make mistakes you are on the right track. Don’t quit, you’re better than that.

The young lady holding the Mule was the only guitar player in the group, and when asked she  broke out Smoke on The Water. Points.

11 Apr 2017

Sawstop Vs. Bosch

Sawstop makes a tablesaw that stops when your finger touches it.  Bosch makes a saw that swings the blade out of the way when you touch it. Sawstop sued Bosch.

Bosch might have a better opportunity patent infringement  or not.  Instead of being looked at as “Sawstop 2.0” why not make a sliding tablesaw (instead of pushing the material through the saw the whole table moves through the saw)  so cheap you would be a fool to not buy it. Or at least undercut Sawstop.  Maybe the sliding table has some sort of vacuum to it that holds small pieces down so they stay safely away from the blade when cut.  Sawstop is great technology BUT YOU HAVE TO TOUCH THE BLADE.  Do you trust it? It’s scary.  That’s it’s weakness. If Bosch had seen that weakness and made something that eliminated that weakness that’s a better opportunity than following what’s already working.

Whenever there is a cultural rut there is potential for a great opportunity.  If something is working for a bunch of people you can jump in and follow, and it might just work. For a while.  But if you see weaknesses in the thinking, if you gain experience in eliminating them, and then boldly swim in a new direction- now that’s really contributing something.

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