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My name is Matt Eich and I,  along with my brother Phil and Adam Smith, build handmade steel and brass bodied single cone and tricone resonator guitars.  After witnessing Kelly Joe Phelps play his resonator at a  show here in Michigan I left wondering if I could use my guitar making skills I learned at Huss and Dalton Guitars to make metal bodied resonators.  They are just so much guitar: volume, range of tone, look- and potential. I wanted to do them differently.  I wanted them to sound more guitar like, meaning more warmth and low end. I also wanted them to look the materials they were made from- the raw steel and brass, with a patina I've developed over the years.  I'm so excited to be able to offer them to players. Options like a P90 pickup, a tricone in a single cone body like the very first National guitars... I'm having the time of my life building these instruments and hearing what players like Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, Kelly Joe, Charlie Parr, Jeffrey Foucault, Jason Dennie, Jay Lapp and so many more players I've had the pleasure to get to know during the building process.   When you send an e-mail, you get me. My brother Phil will send build pictures as your guitar goes through the work.  That's part of the experience and story. I'm happy you're here and if you have any questions please e-mail me at muleresonators@gmail.com

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28 Sep 2017

Football and Guitars

I coach JV football. Last night I put in a third string running back, his first game ever, and he scores on his first play.

28 Sep 2017

Mule, Billy Gibbons, and Skyline Chili

Last Saturday we hung out with Billy Gibbons. Yes, from ZZ Top.  They were playing in Saginaw on the other side of the parking garage from where Wynona Judd was also playing that night.  Wynona’s guitar player, Charlie, came to the shop before the show. Awesome player and even awesom-er guy. When I dropped him back off at their venue I saw ZZ’s buses. I took a guitar and stood outside the bus. I posted a picture on Instagram. I stood outside for a half hour and left. A friend of mine, Shaun, saw the picture on Instagram and an hour later we were backstage, guitars in hand.  An hour after that Billy was clearing a spot for us to sit in the bus.  He played our guitars, “the richest and warmest sounding resonators I’ve ever heard,” he showed me his Gibson Ultimate model, I played it. It’s awesome.  Then we shot the shit for three hours. We talked about Skyline Chili, his Cuban record, youtube videos, kombucha, Coca Cola, Naomi Judd. It was real talk, and one of my favorite stories of my life.  He wanted to take pictures of US.  We felt like friends within two minutes, and that’s the reputation Billy has made for himself over his career. He’s a good man, he always has time, real talk. It was awesome.  When we left he gave us a bag of groceries, and when we were walking away he ran after us and gave us another for the road.  I’m still buzzing.  I’ll post more pictures in the coming days.

ZZ Top Mule Resonator Guitar Billy Gibbons 1

ZZ Top Mule Resonator Guitar Billy Gibbons 3

ZZ Top Mule Resonator Guitar Billy Gibbons 2

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