Reinvented Expectations

The purpose of making an instrument is to be inspirational and transparent and a component of that is building what people expect.  A guitar should guide players to new songs while also getting out of the way.   A three horned double neck guitar with a floating bridge trem might have some new songs in it, but it eventually gets in the way and get puts down.  

When you build what people expect the intention is transparent.  “Ah, 12 fret resonator,” and generally speaking you have an idea of what it may sound like.  That’s where reinvented expectations come in and where the builder makes his statement.   I see it whenever someone new picks one of the Mules up.  Unexpected complexity, unexpected warmth, unexpected touch. Things they feared about resonators – too thin, too brash, can’t play slide, don’t play blues- go away.  Things they used to play may not fit so they adjust, they find new sounds, new songs.  It’s a new puzzle with new pieces.  It’s built-in inspiration.   -Matt

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