How We Set Up Resonator Guitars Pt. 3


More than most guitars resonators are played in different tunings – fingerpickin’ blues for standard, Open D, Open E, Open G, and all the wonderful tunings Chris Whitley experimented with.  Find one and go for it. You’ll stumble upon new sounds and chords and inspiration happens.

How do all those different tunings and tensions affect how a guitar plays?  If you’re playing slide in Open C# and beef up the strings for more tension thats a good idea but what happens when you want to tune up? The neck is affected and your action increases.  If you use light gauge strings and play in open E what happens when you want to tune down to open D? Things get floppy, the action decreases and it buzzes.

See those two slots in the picture above?  I put two vertical pieces of titanium in each Mule neck.   STRENGTH.  Where the neck is put is where it stays regardless of tuning and tension.  Why does this matter? Because your action stays the same regardless your guitar is more versatile. Want to play in standard today? Do it.  Slide? Do it. It will all feel great.  Then you forget about the specs and just play

Built in inspiration.  




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