Starting Line

If you want a clean house first clean each room. 

I’ve had a few conversations recently that made me realize that we are too far sighted and, perhaps, act a bit entitled. We know what we want so that’s what we look for.  The type of job, the depth of relationship, the change, the paycheck.  We want to knock it out of the park and then we become batters who forget the count and wait too long for the perfect pitch.   

What we should look for is a good place to start.  See where you want to end up and work backwards. Way backwards.  Get an idea of the tiny steps. You’ll see the reality.  And then just start and make starting  the habit.  It’s the learning process and it’s also the earning process. When it’s time to swing for fences it will be obvious because you’ll know what you’re looking for.  As Mule approaches its 400th guitar that number seems liked it popped out of no where.  For five years I’ve been at work at 7, I wrote my to-do list on a piece of graph paper, and then I start. When it comes to making things happen, “this is as good a place as any,” can be pretty powerful. 

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