Torrefied maple

Figured Woods, exotic wood, sapwood all have their place. But what do you get when combine an awesome North American hardwood + technology + an expert Canadian? This. This is perfectly quarter sawn torrefied hard maple. The “figure” you see is not figure, they are medullary rays that appear only when you are ruthlessly on point with milling the lumber. Rene Landry is The Man. Then he bakes the pieces in a vacuum kiln to evaporate more moisture than in a normal kiln, along with some of the semi-solids. That’s torrefaction. What you get is the most stable neck you can find, with this amazing color. Then we add two titanium bars. Why titanium? Because it’s magic. Really. Hit on the belt sander and it’s insane fireworks. It’s super strong and super light. It retains its original shape. I’ve tried to bend it flat ways, and regardless of how far I bend it, it snaps back to exactly it’s originally shape. Perfect for a neck eh?

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